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How to connect your Instagram account to Storrito with a new account

Click on the „Sign Up" button on the Storrito website.
You can either sign up with Google or your Email address and a password.
Shortly after, you will receive an e-mail from Storrito with a confirmation link.
By clicking on this link you will return to the Storrito App.
Now enter your Instagram username and password.
Once you have successfully entered your login information, you will see your linked Instagram account in your Storrito Dashboard.

How to connect another Instagram account to Storrito in your existing account

If you want to connect another Instagram account to Storrito, just click on „Instagram Accounts“ in your Storrito menu.
In this panel you can add your Instagram accounts.
Click „Username + Password“ to enter your Instagram login information.
You will be able to see your connected Instagram account in your Dashboard, once you have successfully entered your login information.
You can add as many accounts as you like. Storrito only limits the amount of story posts.

How to create your first Instagram Story with Storrito in just a few steps

Select "Gallery" on the left side of your Storrito profile.
Click "Upload" to upload a picture or video from your computer.
Once the image or video is uploaded, you will have access to all of Storrito's features. Click on it in the Gallery and then on "Edit" to open it in our web story editor.

Check out this video to see some of its awesome features:

Click on "SAVE" to save your story.
Now, in your Storrito-Gallery you can then either publish or schedule your story directly.

This is how quickly and easily your can connect your Instagram account to Storrito. You can start right away and create and upload or schedule your first Instagram Story.

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