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How to schedule your first Instagram Story with Storrito (Getting Started Tutorial)

Getting started with

Signup and connect your Instagram account

Click on the „Try For Free" button on the Storrito website. You can sign up with Google or via Email + Password. Shortly after, you will receive a confirmation email. Click on the link in the email and you return to the Storrito App. (If not, please check your spam folder)
Confirm your location, and enter your Instagram username and password to connect your IG account to Storrito.

How to create your first Story with Storrito

Click on "Upload" to upload a picture or video from your computer.
Once the image or video is uploaded, click on it and then on "Edit" to open Storrito's Story Editor.
Add your Instagram Stickers and edit the story as you wish, and then click on "SAVE".
Back to your Storrito-Gallery, click on the Story again and then on "Post/Schedule" and the scheduling-view will open. You can either publish your story directly, or schedule it by entering a date. Storrito will automatically publish your story, no notifications or actions from your side are needed.

How to connect another Instagram account to Storrito in your existing account

If you want to connect another Instagram Account to Storrito, just click on „Instagram Accounts“ on the left.
Click on "Connect a new Instagram Account" and enter your „Username + Password“
We've enabled a triple backup solution for you, meaning: we recommend going through the process two more times so you have 2 fall back connections.

(Note: Free Plans can only connect one Instagram Account)

Here are some other helpful video tutorials to get you started:

How to upload videos to Instagram Stories with Storrito:

How to bulk-schedule Instagram Stories with Storrito:

Updated on: 21/03/2022

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