Storrito offers another alternative connection method that utilizes a link from an Instagram recovery email.
After following the next steps, you should have received a username-settings.dat file that allows you to connect an Instagram account to any Storrito account.

1. Receive an Instagram recovery email:

Visit this page, enter your Instagram username or email address and then on "send recovery email"
If this fails, please visit this Instagram page
If Instagram refuses to send the recovery email from these web pages, please request the email on your Instagram app

2. Copy the login link from the email (do not left-click on it!)

right-click on "Log in as username" and select "copy link address" (or similar)

3. Go to

Enter your username and
Paste the copied link in the second textfield. (ctrl+v or command-v)

Then click on "Continue" and follow the steps
On success, click on "Download settings.dat" to download your settings.dat file

4. Use the setting.dat file to add a connection to any Storrito account

Go to
Tab on "Upload .dat file" and select a settings.dat from your files

Next, click on "Connect" and you should see a new Instagram account connection

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