¿Dónde puedo encontrar mis facturas / cuentas?

Cómo descargar mi cuenta

Storrito se vende a través de nuestro revendedor Paddle. Maneja todo el complicado cumplimiento de impuestos por nosotros, de modo que podamos vender Storrito a nivel mundial. Es comparable a vender una aplicación a través de la App Store (el revendedor es Apple) o Play Store (el revendedor es Google).

Reciba sus facturas

Puedes descargar tus facturas del último año en tu panel de suscripción.
Just click on My Invoices and click on the invoice you'd like to download.

Get Invoices

Reciba sus facturas por correo electrónico

Paddle también te enviará correos electrónicos que se parecen a este:

Please also check your spam folder, if you have not received this email. In the email you find the "View Invoice" button (see orange arrow). When you click on it a website with the invoice will open:

There you can click on "Add address & VAT#" (see orange arrow) to add your address and VAT number:

If you are a business and like to enter a VAT number, please check the "This is a business purchase" field (see orange arrow). Paddle will issue a refund of the paid tax, after you have provided them the VAT number (may take a few hours).

Soon Paddle will also offer to download the invoice as PDF. For the moment please have a look at these tutorials to learn how to generate a PDF from a website:

Option 1:

Open: https://webpagetopdf.com/

Copy the full URL of your Paddle invoice into the field "URL of a web page to save as PDF", click on "Convert".

Option 2:

 Use your browser's print to PDF feature:


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