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Facebook crossposting not working

Problem: After sharing a story on Facebook, it is displayed on Instagram but not on the Facebook page.

- Make sure that inside Storrito on the Instagram Accounts tab -> account information, the correct Facebook page is displayed there (if not, click Sync)

- If the correct page is there and the issue persists, the problem is in the Instagram application itself (as it is globally reported by many users).

To double-check if that's the case, follow the steps:
Go to the native Instagram app on your phone. (You must use the Instagram app and not other tools like Meta Business)
Post a story from your Instagram app with cross-posting to Facebook enabled. If your story does not appear on the Facebook page, then it is a bug on Instagram side, and we can't do anything about it.

But you can try to solve it by following the instructions in this article:

You can also do a clean relink to Facebook:
Remove the link to Instagram from FB.
Remove the link to FB from Instagram.
Logout from Instagram
Logout from Facebook
Login back to Instagram
Link FB profile to Instagram

Updated on: 24/08/2023

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