Storrito-Relay Android

Please note that your Android device should run Storrito-Relay all the time! Otherwise posts will fail.

Click on the following link to install the app on one of your Android devices:
Download Storrito-Relay app for Android 8 Oreo or higher

In case the device does not show up, search for "Storrito-Relay" in the Google Play store.

When the app opens click on "Allow":

This will allow the Storrito-Relay app to run in the background. Please allow this, otherwise Storrito-Relay will stop working after you put the phone aside, since Android will pause the app to save battery power.

Afterwards you will see the normal Storrito-Relay main screen:

In the middle you see the long ID that you need to enter when you connect your Instagram account to Storrito:

and click on ‘Connect a new Instagram Account’.

You find the field “Storrito-Relay ID”. Copy and paste the long ID from the Storrito-Relay app into this field and click “Continue from your own location”. Then follow the instructions.

Typing such a long ID is time-consuming. We are working on a quicker way to transfer it. In the meantime you can also use the 'Share ID' button in the Storrito-Relay Android app to send it via email to yourself for example. On your desktop computer open the corresponding email, then copy and paste into the 'Proxy Server' field of Storrito's Connect dialog (see above).

Updated on: 10/01/2023

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