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What is the Storrito-Relay App?

Please note that your device should always run the Storrito-Relay App! Otherwise, posts will fail.

Storrito-Relay is an app for Windows, Mac OS, Android, and Linux.
It allows Storrito to post stories via your own IP with a very reliable connection
You can use Storrito the usual way via
You need to keep your device always turned on, at least during posting times

Pro tip: A smart way to use the Storrito-Relay app
Install the Storrito-Relay app on an old Android phone, plug it into power and leave it running somewhere with good wifi connectivity. That way, you even got a battery and mobile internet backup in case of a power failure. You can use Storrito the usual way from wherever you want. Storrito will use the internet connection of your Android.

Download and install

Note: the setup process doesn't take more than 2min 😉

Here is how to download and install the Storrito Relay App for:

- Windows
- or Mac OS
- or Android
- or Linux

Please follow the instructions for the different operating systems to make sure that your device does not shut down or go into energy-saving mode.

Here is a quick Video Tutorial:

When you start the app, it looks similar to this one:

Then open: and click on ‘Connect a new Instagram Account’.

Copy and paste the long ID from the Storrito-Relay app into the field "Storrito-Relay ID” and click “Continue from your own location".

Then follow the instructions.


Q: Do I need to keep the app running all the time?
A: Yes. It would be best to let the device be online and running 24/7.

Q: What happens if my device is turned off?
A: When it's turned off during the scheduled posting times, the posts will fail. If you have multiple connections established, Storrito will try those as backups.

Q: I work in a multi-member team. Does everyone need to install the Storrito Relay app?
A: No. One device that can be kept running will do.

Q: Does the Relay app need to be installed on the same device I'm using Storrito on?
A: No, it does not matter. It's more like a companion app independent of the Storrito web app. It can run on a different device in a different network.

Q: Can I install and use the Storrito-Relay app on multiple devices?
A: Yes! This is also a good idea. You could install it on a device at home and on another at the office, for example. You can then use the different Storrito-Relay codes to connect your Instagram account with both Storrito-Relay apps. If one device fails or shuts down, Storrito will use the other.

Q: I need a different login location than New York or my IP - what can I do?
A: You could install the Storrito-Relay app on a device located at that location and use the code to connect the Instagram account.

Updated on: 24/08/2023

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