Storrito-Relay Mac OS

Please note that your Mac should run Storrito-Relay all the time! Otherwise posts will fail.
Instructions on how to prevent your Mac from shutting down and how to autostart the program can be found down below

1) Download the Storrito-Relay app for Mac OS:

Download Storrito-Relay for Mac OS

Watch this tutorial or follow the steps below:

It is important that you start Storrito-Relay whenever you start your Mac. To make this easier you can "right-click" on the Storrito-Relay icon in the Mac OS dock:

And choose "Open at Login" there.

2) start the Relay App, it looks similar to this one:

Then open:
And click on ‘Connect a new Instagram Account’.

You find the field “Storrito-Relay ID”. Copy and paste the long ID from the Storrito-Relay app into this field and click “Continue from your own location”. Then follow the instructions.

Addition: make sure your Mac stays awake:

A second important step is to keep your Mac running as long as you like to post Instagram Stories with Storrito. This app helps you to enforce that your Mac stays awake:

After you have installed the KeepingYouAwake app you have this new cup icon in the upper right bar:

Just click on it:

and the app will keep your Mac awake, so that Storrito can use it to post Instagram Stories.

It is difficult to remember to also start this app after each restart of your Mac. Therefore we recommend to open the settings of the KeepingYouAwake app and activate these 2 options:

You should also activate this option to allow your display to sleep:

Updated on: 24/01/2023

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