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Why does my Instagram account got disconnected

There are a few reasons why your Instagram account might get disconnected from Storrito:

Changing your Instagram Password

A change of your Instagram password disconnects all mobile devices including Storrito.

If you are an agency please tell your clients that they should notify you before they change their password, so that you have the opportunity to reconnect Storrito.

Clicking 'This Wasn't Me'

Instagram sends an email every time a new device connects to your Instagram account. It also sends a corresponding in-app notification to all mobile devices, which uses this Instagram account. Clicking on 'This Wasn't Me' in this email or in-app notification also leads to an immediate disconnect of Storrito.

A random Android device will be shown from the location you picked during the connection process.
If you are an agency please also tell your clients that they should not click the 'This Wasn't Me' button.

Click on "This Was Me" not on "This Wasn't Me"

Logging out from a Storrito session

On the Instagram app you can logout devices that have access to your Instagram account (Settings -> Security -> Login Activity -> Where You're Logged In -> 3-dot-menu).
If you or one of your colleagues logs out the Storrito connection, the Instagram account won't be connected to Storrito anymore.

If you an agency, please tell your colleagues and clients that they should not logout the new Storrito connection.

Don't logout from a Storrito session

Session expired

Storrito logs into your Instagram account as normal mobile devices. After around 3 months Instagram forces all mobile devices to do a login. This event also disconnects Storrito. The account is marked "expired" in storrito after that delay, and you'll receive a mail to warn you and ask for a reconnection.

Updated on: 16/09/2022

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