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At the moment we offer an alternative connection method that you can enable in Preferences->Beta Features->Android Connect - please contact our chat support to guide you through the process!

I am stuck at the password reset screen / Storrito asks me to reset the password multiple times in a row.

When does this happen?

We observed this behaviour when a user also got their Instagram app open during the connection process and tabs on "this was me" while Storrito is waiting for a 2fa code to be entered!

What to do?

Start a new connection attempt and don't open the Instagram app on your phone, follow the Instructions on Storrito, get the 2fa code, and enter it.
Then usually one of two things can happen:
Instagram makes you set a new password via the Storrito Connect. Enter a new password and you should be good to go. Please note that you would need to log in again on your Smartphone because of the PW change.
The second thing that could happen is that they just accept your connection and everything is fine.

After I connected my account to Storrito, I cannot log into Instagram on my phone anymore

When does this happen?

This can happen when you changed your Instagram password in the connection process at Storrito


Instagram is testing 2 different technologies at the moment and the password reset can triggered this bug on Instagram. We expect Instagram fix this issue in the future.

What to do

Click on "Forgot password" to receive a login link via email. Tab on that link on your smartphone and you should be logged in again.

My Instagram account constantly disconnects from Storrito

What to do

Please be sure not to spam Instagram stories with repetitive content within a short period of time
Please note that your Storrito account will get disconnected if you change your Instagram password
Try to approve the device with which Storrito connected to your account (usually a Galaxy s20):
Open the Instagram app, go to your profile settings -> Accounts Center -> Password and Security -> You are logged in here -> Find the blue link to check the recent logged in devices
If the steps above don't help, please consider installing our Storrito Relay-app and reconnect via your own device

I always see "Password is wrong" but I'm 100% confident that it's correct!

What to do

If you are 100% sure, please first try our alternative connection method via Instagram email login link
In case this does not work either, please set a new password on your Instagram account and try again

I always get the message that my two-factor code is wrong although I'm 100% sure it's correct


This looks like a bug on Instagram's side, it also can happen on your Instagram app

What to do

On your Instagram app go to your settings
Open the Meta Accounts Center
Tab on Password and security
Tab on Security Checkup to enter the "Help secure your account" page
Then go to Two-factor authentication*
Then on Authentication app and set it up by following Instagram's instructions.
In case you already got an authentication app activated, please deactivate and activate it again.

I'm not receiving the two-factor code via SMS


Instagram often limits the amount of SMS they sent also, Instagram tends to not send SMS in case another device got the Instagram app open.

What to do

Please close the Instagram app on your smartphone. Also be sure it's not running in background. Then start a new connection process - you should now receive an SMS.
In case this does not work we recommend switching to a different two-factor method like an authentication app or WhatsApp:
open your Instagram app, go to settings then open the Meta Accounts Center*
Go to Password and security, Two-factor authentication, your Account, Authentication app
Check the box Authentication app and follow Instagram's instructions
Then please start a new connection process on Storrito and try again

Updated on: 07/09/2023

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