From August 30, Instagram will gradually switch its users from the Swipe-up link to the Stories Link Sticker.

The new sticker behaves like the mention and hashtag stickers and can be placed anywhere on the story.
Only one Link Sticker can be added per story.
Link Stickers will be available to some users with less than 10k followers which have some kind of influence on Instagram.


2021-09-14 Facebook / Instagram is still working on fully implementing the link sticker. Even if you post a Facebook story via the Instagram app, the link sticker is not clickable on the Facebook website at the moment. They also still changing the link sticker design:

Does Storrito support the new Link Sticker?

Yes! You can add Link Stickers like you would Hashtags or Mention stickers in our story editor
Link Stickers will only work if your Instagram account supports them
There are 3 different designs
You can only add one Link Sticker per Instagram story slide

Before using Link Stickers in Storrito (!)

Use Link Stickers only if your Instagram account supports them!
You can check this if you create a new story on the Instagram app.
If the sticker menu offers you the Link Sticker, then you can use them on Storrito as well!

Storrito will offer both, Swipe-Up links and Link Stickers during the transition period.
If you use both methods, Storrito will send both to Instagram as well.
We don't know how Instagram will react in such a case so please be sure to use the methods that are currently supported by your Instagram account.
If you intend to send the same story to 2 different Instagram accounts, one supports Link Stickers, the other does not, please create 2 different stories for them.

How do I prepare for the Link Sticker?

Remove any "Swipe up" language like gif animations or text elements.
Instead, add the new sticker to your story once it's available in our editor
Also check your story highlights if the links are still intact. If not, you may want to invest some time to create new highlights.

How to add a Link Sticker to my story?

You can add Link Stickers to your story via the Editor only at the moment.
Open a story in the editor
go to the sticker tab
click on the Link Sticker
Enter your url (starting with http:// or https://)
And (NEW) add an optional name to it. This name will be displayed to the story viewer, it should be linked to the address but is not sticking to it.

Here are some screenshots how the UI looks like:

Future work

The Bulk scheduling tool was a handy tool to add Swipe-Up links to scheduled stories.
If your account made the transition to Link Stickers, this functionality is lost.
Please don't insert links there if your account supports Link Stickers

We are planing to adapt this to Link Stickers soonish so that Stickers are automatically added to your story if you insert a link in the bulk scheduling tool.
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