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How to register or login to a Storrito account?

How to register or login to a Storrito account?

We offer these registration methods:
Email + Password
Google login
Magic signup link

Please note:
Your Storrito account is tied to the email address you used during your initial registration. Therefore, it doesn't matter which method used to register your account, as long as the email address is the same you can use any method to log into your account.

You used the magic signup link method with the email to create your Storrito account. When you log out and want to log in again you can now also use the Google login method with the same address.

Add the email+password method to any existing Storrito account:

On the login/register page, enter the email address of your Storrito account, type in the password you like and click on the register/login button.
Storrito will send a verification mail containing a link. Once you verified your email by clicking on that link you will be able to log into your existing account with your email and password.

Updated on: 01/08/2023

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