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New Pricing & Billing FAQ

This pricing FAQ relates to the new Storrito pricing model from April 5th 2022. Please check out the legacy pricing FAQ over here if you are an existing customer

New Pricing & Billing FAQ

All frequently asked questions and answers around Storrito's subscriptions, their pricing, and billing.

How does it work?

We like it simple:

You pay per Instagram seat that is connected to Storrito
You can schedule and post as many stories and reels as you like per Instagram seat, Facebook crossposting is also included
So you need to buy one seat at per Instagram account you'd like to manage

Quantity discounts

You can save money if you manage several Instagram accounts with Storrito

You get 10% off for 5 or more Instagram seats.
You get 20% off for 10 or more Instagram seats.

Yearly subscriptions:

You can save additonal 20% if you decide for a yearly subscription!
You will only receive one receipt for the whole year
The next bill date will be from the day of purchase plus one year.

How does upgrading Instagram seats work?

You need to manage an additional Instagram account? No problem!
You can purchase an additional seat at any time and our quantity discounts will apply to them as well.
Your billing date will not change and we will do a fair, prorated charge

How does downgrading Instagram seats work?

You need fewer seats in the middle of a month? No problem!
You can cancel seats at any time (quantity discounts might no longer apply)
Your billing date will not change and we will give you a fair, prorated credit
This means that your next charge will be reduced by the amount you haven't used your 2-seat plan.

How does switching between monthly and yearly work?

You can switch between monthly and yearly billing whenever you want.
But to save money, we'd recommend purchasing a yearly plan in the first place.

Monthly to yearly

Let's assume that the number of seats will stay the same:

If you switch from a monthly to a yearly plan, you will get billed immediately but
we will count the leftover days of your current month and subtract it's value from your purchase
The annual billing date will be recalculated from the day of the switch + 1 year.

Yearly to monthly

If you switch from a yearly to a monthly plan, you will only get billed if you are close to next billing date of your yearly plan
we will count the leftover days of your current subscription year and subtract it's value from your purchase
The monthly billing date will be recalculated from the day of the switch plus 1 month.

When can I cancel my subscriptions?

We are sorry to see you go! Please let us know if we can improve our product to make you stay!

You can cancel your subscription at any time.
All scheduled stories will get posted until the end of your current subscription period. After that, Storrito will stop posting on your behalf.
We don't do any refunds of your remaining subscription time or your credit balance due to a downgrade

Remember: You can resume to your current subscription at any time by clicking on 'Resume your plan' in the Subscription section.

How many Team members am I allowed to add?

You can add as many team members as you like.

What is and who sells Storrito?

Storrito is developed by the Vire GmbH, a company located in Cologne, Germany.
We use as a so-called reseller.
Paddle handles the complex tax regulations of the different countries, so that we - the Vire GmbH - can sell Storrito globally.

Where can I enter my company address (and VAT number) for the invoice?

You will receive an email (from our reseller Paddle) that includes a link 'View your invoice'.
The link opens a website with your invoice.
There you can enter the necessary invoice information like your company name, address and optionally a VAT number.
You only have to enter this information once.

Have another question?

Please contact our support team.
Either by using the chat on this website (click on the red circle in the lower right corner) or
write us an email to

Updated on: 22/08/2023

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