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The Archive Function

The Archive Function

Archive stories in your gallery to get a better overview.

Archived stories will still be posted according to your schedule
They will not be deleted

Archiving stories (and deleting them if you don't need them anymore) can be beneficial to boost the performance of your Gallery. Especially if you accumulated many prepared stories over time.

What is the archive?

The archive is a place in the Storrito gallery where you can move your posts from the gallery to. The archive's purpose is to organize your gallery and will have no effect on your scheduled stories. A good practice might be to only leave posts in your gallery which will be posted or scheduled in the near time. That way it won't be clogged by old images and videos and you will have a better overview.

How to use the archive

In the Storrito gallery you can move stories into your archive folder by clicking on an image or video in the gallery and then clicking on the ARCHIVE button in the pop up menu below the post preview.

You can also archive multiple items at once by selecting the desired items and then clicking on the ARCHIVE button at the bottom of the screen. You can select multiple items by checking the boxes in the upper left corner of each gallery item. On mobile you can check these by pressing long on a gallery item.

An archived story will no longer be displayed in the gallery anymore. Instead it will be moved to the "Archive" tab.

Updated on: 01/08/2023

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