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Why doesn't the Instagram security code reach me by email?

There is sometimes the problem that you can't log in to your Instagram account because the security code doesn't reach you by email. We'll show you four different ways to solve the problem to connect your Instagram account with Storrito.

Check your email address

Check again if you really entered your correct email address. It's easy for an error to sneak in here, which can then be fixed directly and easily.

Have a little more patience

Just because the security code is not immediately in your email inbox, does not mean that it will not come. Be patient and wait a few minutes.

Use different devices

Another method you can try to fix the problem is to run the scan from a different device or IP address. When users use the same browser to log in to multiple Instagram accounts, Instagram considers that as suspicious activity and may see your computer and account as spam.

Try again

If it still doesn't work for the security code to reach you, you can simply try again. Try again after an hour, and if that doesn't work either, try again the next day.

Updated on: 04/02/2021

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