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Why we changed the Pricing

Important note for our existing customers: You can stay on the old pricing plan as long as you like. Nothing will change for you, you will be billed the same amount as before and you have the same amount of story posts. But continue reading to know why the new pricing model might suit you better.

Why we changed our Pricing?

In a word: Complexity

Our old pricing model was hopelessly complex. It creates frustration for our customers and us. The value metric for the old pricing was the number of story posts. Initially, this looked like a great idea, but we added more and more complex workarounds to “fix” the pricing model over the years.

I'm not particularly eager to talk about all the problems with the old pricing model since they also annoyed me. Therefore let's only talk about one aspect: The refill logic.
The old pricing started the billing period on the day of the purchase. Let's pretend you bought it on the 10th of January. Then you will receive the next invoice on the 10th of February. This one alone is easy to understand. However, the complexity starts to creep in when our refill logic kicks in on the 10th of February. The Storrito Standard plan provided you with 100 story posts per month. Let's assume you only spend 20 of your 100 story posts. On the 10th of February, your story post amount will refill to 100. Consequently, you only get 20 instead of 100 new story posts - what a bummer.

We could also let the story post amount pile up, but this would have been unfair for us as a company. Since everything is a mixed calculation, the story posts are not our only costs. We need to pay the storage costs for your media files and a dozen other services (like the support chat tool). All of them cost money per customer, even if you as a customer didn't use your Storrito account for months.

Instead of further trying to “fix” the pricing, we went back to the drawing board and designed a new pricing model from scratch. It took us over a month of thinking and exhausting meetings to write the concept of the new pricing model. You can create complexity in seconds, but coming up with a simple solution takes a lot of thinking time. The result looks super straightforward, and you always wonder what took you so long to come up with this simple solution. But it is always like this - simplicity is difficult to accomplish, or as Leonardo Da Vinci stated it:

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

How does our new “simple” pricing model look?

The new pricing charges a fixed amount per Instagram account, and you get unlimited story posts. 🥳

This model resolves all the issues we had with the old pricing. And it is straightforward to understand. You do not need to know when your story post amount will refill and fiddle around to ensure to have enough story posts for your current campaigns. The refill logic is gone. You don't need to think about it anymore.

The old pricing model was also wildly unfair, not because we designed it this way but due to complex edge cases. I already mentioned the refill logic, but this gets even more complex if you manage multiple Instagram accounts with Storrito. We always had complaints that people do not find the right plan. The plans of the old pricing model offered either 100, 500, or 2000 story posts per month. Naturally, many people wanted something in between. Wasting story posts was always a bad feeling when the refill happened, and you wasted your energy optimizing this unnecessary constraint.

The new pricing model is also fair in that someone who manages 20 Instagram accounts pays more than someone who connected only 1 Instagram account via Storrito. With the old pricing, both customers might have been using the Storrito Professional plan and paid the exact amount of money. Therefore, it is understandable that the customer with the 20 Instagram accounts receives way more value from Storrito. The new pricing will cut the costs for the person with 1 Instagram account in half, while the other will pay more since they also receive more value from Storrito.

I could continue writing about why the new pricing model is superior to the old one: easier upgrades, downgrades, pro-rating, no more post packages, etc. But the main thing is that it improves the experience for you - our customers - who all make this exciting Storrito journey possible for us:

Thank you very much, Max (co-founder of Storrito)

Updated on: 11/04/2022

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